Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting for a bus on a warm summer night

I was waiting in Petach Tikva near my Yeshiva for the 78 bus to Sirkin junction צומת סירקין, at 8pm Thursday night, along with an older Russian couple. Along comes by a girl, about 10 years old, skipping jump rope out of breath followed by her brother, about 7 years old, running after her. At first I thought it was just the two siblings having fun at night, in Israel. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary because parents feel comfortable letting there ids out in most places in Israel because its mostly a very safe environment.

However behind them comes their father carrying an infant in a baby carrier strapped on in front of him. With one hand he is playing with the baby. I was a bit confused with the way he was walking and holding his other hand. Although I already suspected it I was still surprised to see a lit cigarette in the hand trailing behind him. How could someone who looked like such a good and responsible father smoke in front of his kids like that. If he is addicted, why doesn’t he at least smoke away from his children? As if to intentionally compound my disillusionment, 10 meters later he throws his still lit cigarette on the sidewalk.

Either way it was nice to see kids having innocent and healthy fun on one of the last of the hot summer nights in the urban environment.


Lirun said...

i hate it when people throw their butts like that..

my neighbour - while complaining about the litter in our common courtyard - threw 2 cigarette butts on the ground.. i was too shocked to say anything..

mother in israel said...

How can you smoke safely with a baby in a front carrier? Ash could fall on the baby's head.