Friday, February 23, 2007

I thought I was still dreaming...oh wait I am

I woke up in the middle of the night, and realized I hadn't checked the news in a while, at least not properly.

The first thing I saw was this
Arab ministers call for peace
Foreign ministers of seven Arab countries - including Syria and Iraq - issue joint statement following Madrid conference, expressing desire to 'advance together towards recognition and normalization of relations with Israel'
At first I was so surprised. Why are they getting rid of the Three NOs of Khartoum(Yes the same Khartoum that is run by the NIF that is committing genocide in Darfur). Then realizing that I was dreaming, not in the sense of sleeping, but of wishful thinking, I laughed.
Who knows what exactly the ulterior motive is, but there definitely is one.
Some of it probably has to do with trying to get the Quartet to recognize the Terrorist PA government as legitimate, even though it doesn't meet the basic demands of the Quartet. Also, it doesn't hurt to try to look good and make Israel look like the bad guys. Now if only they meant their rhetoric, instead of using it as an excuse to call Israel's actions unfair and illegal, but look good in the process because they just did something that they should have done years ago

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