Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Benisishm look down in Bethlehem

On the trip to Bethlehem there were many components. I am still working on sorting out my thoughts on the trip to blog about. Meanwhile, here is a video clip. When the dancing got very raunchy the benishim (yeshiva students bnei yishiva) said:
We are such a bunch of benishim all looking away
It was so true. For me that would have been true even before, but I realized that we all were not looking without even us looking at each other to judge one another. An interesting note on the non-judgmental aspect of the trip. Of course this was while they were eating food that I would have to define as not Kosher in almost any way I could define Kosher food, not that I am judging anyone

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ahhhri said...

Why wouldn't you define it as kosher?