Monday, March 12, 2007

Iran Learns Genocide from Sudan

Iran preparing its own genocide, has decided to get advice from Sudan about its current genocide in Darfur. Well that wasn't the version the media have told us, but what they told us wasn't much better.
Ahmadinejad apparently went to deny the genocide in Darfur and at the same time try to create bonds between the two evil regimes.
Ahmadinejad referred to the increasing willingness of the Sudanese people to have cultural bonds with Iran and said Iran and Sudan enjoy converging viewpoints about regional and international affairs notably regarding the Muslim world.
Converging viewpoints, eh? Yah, they both believe that genocide is acceptable and that its all the Jews fault.
He remarked that he voiced Iran's support for the Sudanese government and people during his talks with Sudanese authorities.
Roughly meaning, he supports the genocide in Darfur and will work to great lengths to pin the blame on the Jews.
That was the official version of events according to Iran's government news outlet.

Thank you Mr. Mahmoud "The Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan" Ahmadinejad.

Its one thing to deny a genocide in the past, and at the same time reflect on the "glory" of the Third Reich and talk about how there was "no final solution" and at the same time believe "Hitler should have finished the job". But this is some thing new,
Ahmadinejad does of course believe that but he adds a twist. He denys a current genocide while plotting his own!

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