Thursday, March 8, 2007

Independent Jewish Voices - necassary?

Lately there has been a move by those who are dissatisfied by the current Jewish organizations to set up "independent" organizations to make themselves heard.
These include


I won't deal with the question of: "Are these organizations Anti-Zionist?" except to say on paper they certainly aren't, and that they don't necessarily have to be.

The fact that these organizations have sprouted up is a possible cause for worry, but is also surprising. Most Jewish and Zionist organizations in the diaspora took a policy of staying away from political issues, even under the intense pressures of the disengagement. Certainly the Executive Groups, Coalitions and the Umbrella Organizations would not dare to take a strong political stand.

At this point it would seem that these "independents" are firebrands who want to stir trouble and are not being suppressed. Come on, we all know that there are fair elections in these organizations and no one is rigging the elections of the World Zionist Congress. If these "independents" can sign on the Jerusalem Program, then they are having their fair vote. If they can't, then well they aren't really Zionists then, so they should stop pretending to be.

But that is all on paper, maybe they are being suppressed in reality? boo-hoo stop whining! Well no, not exactly. When policies on paper, and systems of fairness are being abused, there should be an answer. Bnei Akiva in most of the diaspora is politically non-partisan, and they do any things to make sure they keep to that ideal. However, when certain Madrichim (counselors) teach the chanichim(kids) songs about hating Arabs, a line has been crossed, even if he claims that those are his/her "personal opinions." It damage control isn't taken on and apologies aren't made, something is wrong. Now why is this relevant?

Because the ZOA wants to kick the UPZ out of the ICC. lots of fun 3 letter acronyms!

Take the story
from: JewSchool , OurJerusalem , The Jewish Daily Forward

So there was some damage control

But at the end of the day, organizations on the right who are members of the Executive Groups, Coalitions and the Umbrella Organizations such as the ZOA criticize Israel with impunity, harm Israel's image, make extremely controversial even possibly racist statements, connect themselves either officially or unofficially with other hate groups and terrorist organizations. Meanwhile no one is suggesting that that the ZOA be kicked out. No one is saying that the ISM or other anti-zionist organizations should be let in, just left wing Zionist groups.

If Left-wing groups are made to feel uncomfortable in the establishment, let them do what they do best, rebel against the establishment.

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