Monday, March 12, 2007

Palestinians protest actions of Hamas

So they aren't protesting against terrorism? What you though they were?

No they are protesting the banning of a book of Palestinian folk tales by the Hamas government.

AbbaGav and many others are cynical about it.

I am just glad that the Palestinians are standing up to Hamas about anything. It shows how the Palestinians really do learn democratic values from "The Occupier".

I would say that it also possibly could be that Palestinians can't stand up against the destruction of Israel and terrorism vocally so they chose this instead. I will not say that because this was a book of "folk tales". An anthology that is trying to strengthen the myth that there is a unified Palestinian tradition and people that existed before Zionism. Still I am happy to see dissent going on in Palestinian politics and liberal values. We've got to start somewhere.

AbbaGav adds:

Maybe Israel's next peace offer should include some mild sexual innuendo in addition to the usual dangerous concessions. That might be enough to get the Palestinian people sufficiently interested to launch an outcry against their own leaders' violent response.

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