Thursday, March 8, 2007

The German group is problematic

Selected Quotes and commentary on:

English translation of Schalom 5767 (Berliner Erklärung)
Shalom 5767 (Berlin Declaration)

The root of the problem is the continuing Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory since 1967. The Occupation humiliates and disenfranchises the Palestinians. It paralyzes their economic, political and social life. Moreover, this daily recurring experience of injustice prevents a peaceful resolution of the old injustice done to the Palestinians when they were forced to leave in 1948. All this further fuels the spiral of violence.

The root of the problem is clearly NOT the occupation. The problems and terrorism have been going on long before 1967. This paragraph puts all the blame on Israel, and there is no paragraph to be found in the document which puts any responsibility in the slightest on the Palestinians. This paragraph also solely blames Israel for the Palestinians leaving Israel in 1948, when the reality is much more complicated than that.

We call upon the German government, together with the European Union,
- to no longer tolerate the Israeli policy of occupation
- to promptly end the boycott of the Palestinian Authority
- to strive earnestly for the realization of a viable Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the entire West Bank that was occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem, a state with full sovereignty and freedom of movement.

That is being blatantly Anti-Israel. Advocating that Germany somehow sanction Israel an no longer tolerate Israel's actions, rather than being helpful, increases hatred towards the State of Israel.
Ending the boycott of the Palestinian Authority would send a message that the destruction of the Israel is legitimate, the Quartet and Israel all realize that letting accepting Hamas as is means accepting the destruction of Israel. And this comes after saying that Israel should be "boycotted" for her actions?!
Why do they insist on the entire West Bank and Gaza? They seem to be more interested in Palestinian Nationalism than in Zionism. Because there are no Zionist statements in here, only Palestinian Nationalist ones.

I could add more, but its painfully obvious that this German group is not exactly an alternative Zionist voice, but merely a Palestinian voice. The other "Independent Voices" may be the same, but their declarations haven't made it clear

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