Friday, March 9, 2007

Statcounter - 1

So I have a little Javascript code that tells me who is visiting the blog. Just installed in yesterday, and there are a few surprising results.

First of all is that 40 people have visited, even if you guys don't comment! go ahead comment!

over 60% of you use FireFox. Thats pretty good, some of you even use Safari.

Now the most surprising thing is which keywords led to this blog, so far only one has. Want to guess? I never would have got it right, turns out its
"high-temperature superconductors"
Thanks to my post on Cool Physics.

1 comment:

Joel Nothman said...

Okay. I'll comment.

Counters can be very unreliable. Especially in their actual figures (rather than proportions).

And then the proportions also lie because some of us don't visit the page unless we need to and just tell our feed aggregator (in this case Opera) to get the blog for us. And a javascript counter won't tell you about RSS access...