Sunday, March 18, 2007

RSS feeds - right wing conspiracy? not any more

So I just started using RSS feeds. I have been so hesitant to do this for some reason. Normally I am the first one to try to get my hands on technology, but this one took me a while to get comfortable with. While setting up some RSS feeds with this blog
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I finally decided to start using the myself. I actually like it, it means I can quickly browse many blogs and see when people actually update. I am using Google reader Add to Google Reader or Homepage , and I have to say so far I am really impressed.

Now the title mentions a right wing conspiracy. So what is this conspiracy?
the RSS feed symbol is Orange. It is very clear that they are protesting the disengagement. Don't worry Feed Icons is here to save the day for those left wing bloggers who are tired of the right wing imperialism and neo-colonization of the blogosphere feeds

Not a fan of orange? Download the package and customize the icon to your liking. It is believed that as a symbol, the feed icon is recognizable enough that it doesn't need to be restricted to one colour.

custom icons
I'll stick with orange, thank you. Its my protest to the anti-disengagement folks attempt to take a colour and give it political connotations. Everything in Israel is already political, do we really need to politicize colours?


Joel Nothman said...

Interestingly, when the feed icon first came out, there was a bit of a dispute between those who wanted allowance for other colours and those who wanted to forbid it. The orange-only restriction eventually got removed from the usage guidelines...

seraphya said...

Thanks, interesting read, with most of it crossed out. how did you know about that?

Merari said...

So please indulge us as to why the Disengagement was so great. Thank God all the Gush rabbis ordered their students to just follow orders - that may have been even more disastrous than a Hamas government, rockets on Sderot and the entire north, a failed war in Lebanon, a complete erosion of all deterrance and an international community that wasnt to see an encore.

Seriously. You are coming on Aliyah, explain to us why you want to give away what is barely yours.