Friday, March 9, 2007

Facebook Right Wing Hate Groups

Coalition For Arab Expulsion From Israel!

So Maybe you can argues that these groups are political in nature.

Some would disagree
Hind Hassan (U. Leeds) wrote
at 11:51am on March 5th, 2007
This group is racist.

Matthew Civiletti (TCNJ) wrote
at 2:40pm on November 26th, 2006
The very existence of a group like this, which advocates racial and religious persecution, makes me sick.

And some would make the point very clear on the wall of the group

Saling Simon (no network) wrote
at 7:48pm on December 3rd, 2006
im getting really sick of these god damn arabs.

god bless Kahane, may he rest in peace

This is against Facebook's policy. Yet when people reported these groups, nothing was done.
How would we like it if facebook was letting groups use swastikas as their symbols, because I am sure to many people the Kach symbol has just about the same meaning.

On the other side of things, facebook lets Anti-Israel and Antisemitic groups stay on its site.
We hate israel (Shabab Masroof)

i hate israel

'-=_x_=-' Too Bad Get Off Tha Map NOW '-=_x_=-'

Well I just used up my limited number of reports I am allowed to make to facebook per week. So I encourage everyone to report these groups, and make facebook, the web, and the world a better place

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Joel Nothman said...

An interesting group in that regard is this one: