Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kadima Bnei Akiva...Katzav?

I love Bnei Akiva, and I just realized how little I have posted about it when I saw this

Thats probably not the best advertisement to be making when you are trying to show parents how responsible you will be for their kids while you guide them around Israel.
Its not just Bnei Akiva. Nefesh B'Nefesh still had lots of Katzav stuff around the office in Jerusalem


Benji Lovitt said...

My Ulpan (and seemingly all the classes in Israel) still have his stuff up as well. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN????? THE HORROR!!!!!!

ahhhri said...

Funny, i just found the commemorative coin that everyone received when Katzav visited Melbourne in 2005. There were some very amusing articles in the AJN when the alegations started becoming public. Statements like "we don't condone Katzav's actions but they dont taint the significance of his visit."